ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit


Everything you need to grow nutritious edible weeds for your tortoise.

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The complete kit for growing edible weeds for tortoises.

Tortoises require fresh salads and vegetables as part of their diet. Buying it from supermarkets can become costly, so why not have a go at growing your tortoise?s food yourself?

The tortoise garden allows you to do this easily, even if you don?t have your own garden.

ProRep have designed the edible weed kit, which contains everything you need to grow your tortoise?s food.

The mixture of wild plants is based on research of a wild tortoise?s diet with blend of edible annual and perennial plants with no grass.

Not all wild plants are safe for tortoises to eat as some are poisonous to them. ProRep?s mixture contains the following, to guarantee a nutritional and digestible diet for Mediterranean tortoises: dandelion, smooth hawk?s beard, nipplewort, chicory, smooth sow thistle, great plantain, hoary plantain, ribwort plantain, common mallow, musk mallow, dwarf mallow, shepherd?s purse, hairy bitter cress, wavy bitter cress, white/Dutch clover, red clover, common vetch, sainfoin, creeping bell-flower, field bindweed, hedge mustard.

-Editble weed seeds – enough for 4 sowings.
-Seed trays.
-Propogator top.

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