Raco Pro Sonic Rodent Repeller – 2 Pack


The NEW ‘tried and tested’ RACO Pro Sonic Rodent Repeller for FULL home protection! These new sonic repellers automatically use alternating frequencies to deter both rats and mice. Unlike most other repellers that only use one frequency which rats and mice get used to, RACO Pro Sonic Rodent Repeller fluctuates its frequency to ensure that rats and mice are continually deterred. The ultrasound frequencies are specific to rodents and cannot be heard by pets or children and can be easily positioned where pests need to be deterred. The highly alluring packaging will ensure that consumers buy it off your shelf and if used correctly will deter pests from their home!


  • New alternating frequency technology
  • Pet friendly
  • Child friendly
  • Economical, clean and easy to use


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