Vetark Ace-High – 100g




ACE-High for cage and aviary birds

This is a special vitamin supplement to which is formulated to provide high levels of those vitamins shown to be involved in aiding birds through periods of stress and disease. Primarily it is a mixture of the vitamins A,C & E along with smaller quantities of other vitamins and minerals including B1, B2, B6 & B12.

Vitamins A and E are both involved in helping the body resist infection. Vitamin A is essential for maintenance of healthy mucous membranes such as the mouth, lungs and gut. Vitamin E has been shown to boost the immune mechanism in some species. Vitamin C is used up very quickly by the body when it is under stress and so must be replaced.

Certain groups, particularly psittacines and Australian finches have been shown to have a high requirement for vitamin A which is often not met from the diet. Seed eating psittacines actually get very little, even those getting fruit and carrots and the traditional sources of green foods and rape seed must convert the dietary carotene to vitamin A, a process which may well not be very efficient. Deficiency problems range from poor fertility and hatchability in eggs, to snuffles, pneumonia, feather plucking in adults and even kidney disease leading to sciatic paralysis. We have found that putting an amount into the palm of a clean hand or on a knife point and blowing it at food, scatters it well and increases palatability by spreading it well.
Our routine avian supplement is AVIMIX

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